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Premium Frozen Yogurt For Ice Cream Lovers!


Frozen yogurt franchises are one of the best and most profitable businesses in all of the dessert world. With the growing number of health conscious consumers, people are cutting calories but they still want that delicious flavor and selection. All across the country people are learning about the benefits of frozen yogurt over ice cream, leading a lot of people to look into an opportunity of owning one of the many yogurt franchises.

While there are many different frozen yogurt companies, they don’t all perform alike. Unfortunately, all across the country the results of people trying to hop on the bandwagon and open a frozen yogurt company have met with bad results. All frozen yogurt is not the same and the experience that many franchises have had is not understanding what the modern consumer likes. While deliciousness is always important, the fun of the experience is as well. Here at YoGo Factory we spend countless hours developing a solid marketing method for all of our franchise owners to become successful frozen yogurt company owners. We know what works and we have the experience to help you on the road to financial success.

But what makes YoGo Factory the best yogurt franchise for you to invest your time and money in? Isn’t it all the same with different packaging? Here in a nutshell is why we are different from the competition and why you will reap the benefits of the frozen yogurt with our support:

1.) The best support from the best people

We will be with you every step of the way. While many companies say this, we genuinely mean it. Whether this is your first step into the fun food industry by opening a frozen yogurt franchise or you have had years of experience, we will custom the support that we give you. Our staff is ready to assist you whether you need help selecting the best store build out and design or grand opening celebration set up. At YoGo Factory, we want all of our franchise owners to be a success and we are always happy to help!

2.) Experienced guidance

YoGo Factory has opened multiple stores and knows the ins and outs of starting out. Unlike other companies that have not had the experience of working in a store, all of our people that will help you along the way know exactly how to help. We provide you with solid experienced support that is on-going. Our caring corporate staff will provide on-site or remote help. With the backing of a solid branded name like YoGo Factory and the constant support of knowledgeable corporate advisors, we will help you make sure that you will turn a profit and feel guided when you need it.

3.) You will be provided with our proven system

We believe that we are the best frozen yogurt franchise opportunity for your hard earned money and we want to make sure that you have all the materials that you need to succeed. As our respected partner, you will have access and be given all of the necessary confidential manuals and handbooks. We know what works and what doesn’t and we make it clear from the start that all of our inside information for success will be yours as we support you along the way.

4.) Known brand in the growing self serve market

There are many frozen yogurt companies that offer franchise opportunities, however, few have reached the known name and brand ability that come with YoGo Factory. With access to our promotional and marketing materials available for all of our franchise owners, our known and recognizable name will easily help customers know the quality that they have come to expect with YoGo Factory. This helps our frozen yogurt company deliver superior results as compared to owning a franchise from one of our competitors.

If you are looking into the profitable world of frozen yogurt, you know that self serve is the fastest growing trend and the most profitable. Easy to custom frozen yogurt experiences for the customer allows them to be the boss of their frozen dessert with how much or how little of the toppings and flavors that they want! Who wouldn’t want to customize their delicious yogurt experience?

5.) Highest quality flavors and toppings

A yogurt company should always be concerned with the business end but it should never skimp on the quality and the tastiness of flavors. After all, yogurt is fun and scrumptious! All of our yogurt is produced in the state of the art production facility in Portland, Oregon and includes cultured tests daily. We craft it carefully to contain live and active cultures so that our customers can enjoy their frozen delights in good health.

In addition, we pride ourselves in having the most delectable and enticing flavors around! Whether it is our tasty Red Velvet Cake, fruity Kiwi Strawberry, Fancy French Vanilla, or the surprising Maple Bacon Donut, we have earned the reputation of always having appetizing flavors. We even feature many seasonal flavors on a rotation such as Pumpkin Pie or even Gingerbread that our customers adore!

Our toppings are selected with the same care as our yogurts: decadent chocolate chips, beloved gummy bears, favorite cereals such as Froot Loops and Lucky Charms, fresh fruit like bananas, cherries, and pineapples, and a large variety of favorite candies such as sour worms and Nerds. With variety of different yogurt and sorbet flavors and the abundance of toppings, your customers will never get bored of the endless combinations!

YoGo Factory frozen yogurt cafes are a great addition to many locations across the country. With our support and guidance, we will help you become a staple in your community where fun never stops! Birthday parties, group gatherings, or just a daily treat after school, your yogurt franchise will become a wonderful part of people’s lives as they look forward to the delicious and healthy way to eat a wonderful dessert.

We believe that we are the best frozen yogurt franchise at YoGo Factory and we want you to succeed. In as little as 90 days, you can be on your way to one of our many success stories. Fill out contact information or give us a call and we’ll be happy to get you started!